At Access Search, our approach is thorough, complete, and confidential from start to finish. Whether this is your first time working with us or you have worked with us for years, we aim to develop an intimate understanding of your organization to provide the best available talent to precisely fit your team.

1. Define your ideal candidate

Our approach begins with an in-depth discussion of your search assignment. We work with you to develop an accurate understanding of the position, career path, environment, and your company’s culture. At Access Search, we believe this knowledge is key to creating a successful match.

2. We get to work

Continuous candidate identification and targeted recruiting is the hallmark of our service.  Once we have an understanding of your role, our team leverages their professional relationships cultivated throughout the years. As a result of our Big 4 Accounting and Fortune 500 Finance experience, personal connections, and referrals, our network of finance and accounting professionals is always growing. The candidates we typically work with are not actively seeking new roles. Our team identifies professionals based upon their technical skills and responsibilities, and approaches them when the right position becomes available.

3. Candidate assessment

Once a candidate is identified, Access Search conducts an interview to understand the individual’s professional responsibilities, career objectives and personal priorities. We perform all interviews in person or virtually to accurately assess overall accounting and finance skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, and experience level. Additionally, we learn about the candidate’s key goals, motivations, and short and long-term priorities. Over our 25 years of operation, we have found these detailed interviews extremely valuable for understanding the candidate’s true career aspirations and ensuring a successful long-term fit for both candidate and client.

4. Candidate review

After Access Search performs the candidate assessment, our team presents you with several qualified candidates. For each candidate submitted for your review, we discuss our observations and assessment in detail to provide complete transparency regarding the candidate’s technical skills, personality, and career objectives. If you feel the candidates presented do not align with your expectations, we work with you to further refine the technical skills and professional background of the candidate you are seeking.

5. Meet your candidate

Once a candidate has been presented that aligns with your expectations, Access Search works with you to coordinate an interview.  Each interview is carefully managed by your dedicated account manager to ensure open communication throughout the process.

6. A successful placement

Once a candidate has successfully interviewed, the final step is managing reference checks, presentation of the offer, salary negotiation, and candidate onboarding.

As a result of working intimately with the candidate, Access Search gains valuable feedback from the candidate throughout the entire process. By doing so, we are able to develop a complete understanding of interest level, manage expectations, and communicate questions they may have. This feedback is crucial when working with highly qualified candidates and mitigates the possibility of any surprises during the final stage.